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Baby Shoes

It is interesting how much effort people put into baby clothing, especially baby shoes, when the fact is that babies are not necessarily into fashion. It is true that a baby could be somewhat moody if they are wearing the shirt that they don't like, but all you really have to do is spin them around, or show them something shiny and reflective, and they will begin to giggle and drool just as cheerily as ever. But when a baby has on baby shoes, they hardly notice.

Nonetheless, even baby shoes are a hot topic today among parents. Parents look for and buy all kinds of baby shoes, including baby sneakers, and little ballet shoes, as if the babies were about to go run track, or do a graceful leap through the air. The strange fact is that babies shoes come in almost as many varieties as do adult shoes.

Of course, I suppose that the function of baby shoes is a little different than those of adult shoes. With baby shoes, there are a few basic things that they need to do. They need to protect the feet, and hold up to crawling around, and possibly a bit of drool. Adult shoes go through much more than this, often miles of walking every day, to say nothing of running, dancing, and various other activities.

The fact is, almost any kind of baby shoes will hold up just fine when the baby is young enough, and not yet walking. Therefore, the other function of baby shoes is just to look cute to the parents, and to their friends to whom they will take the baby to see.

There are many ways that cuteness is accomplished with baby shoes. One of them is simply through how amazingly small everything is. If you look at babies closely, they are tiny versions of us. It is the same thing with baby shoes, which look like smaller, pudgier versions of the footwear that we wear on our feet every day. Along with this cuteness, there are certain designs that are more popular among baby clothes, including baby shoes, than among adult clothing. Things like butterflies, hearts, and especially little cute baby animals make a very popular design for decorations on baby shoes.

So, whatever kind of baby shoes you choose for your little one, rest assured, they will be cute!


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